Visiting Professor of the Theory of Architecture
Samia Henni
Main Areas of Research

  1. Colonial Toxicity, 2023
  2. Deserts Are Not Empty, 2022
  3. War Zones, 2018
  4. Architecture de la contre-révolution, 2019
  5. Architecture of Counterrevolution, 2017

Prof. Dr. Samia Henni's research explores the intersection of architecture with questions of colonization, wars, extraction, deserts, forced displacement, and gender. Her published Books:

  • Samia Henni, Colonial Toxicity: Rehearsing French Nuclear Architecture and Landscape in the Sahara (Amsterdam: If I Can’t Dance and Framer Framed; Zurich: edition fink, 2024).
  • Samia Henni (ed.), Deserts Are Not Empty (New York: Columbia Books on Architecture and the City, 2022).
  • Samia Henni, Architecture de la contre-révolution: L'armée française dans le nord de l'Algérie (Paris: Editions B42, 2019).
  • Samia Henni (ed.), War Zones, gta papers no.2 (Zurich: gta Verlag, 2018).
  • Samia Henni, Architecture of Counterrevolution: The French Army in Northern Algeria (Zurich: gta Verlag, 2017).

Her selected published articles include:
  • “Anticolonial Capitals: Algiers” in Colonisations. Notre Histoire, edited by Arthur Asseraf, Guillaume Blanc, Yala Kisukidi, Mélanie Lamotte, and Pierre Singaravélou. Paris: Le Seuil, 2023.
  • “Colonial Omission or Aesthetic? Saharan Landscapes in Foureau-Lamy Mission (1898–1900),” in Survey Style: Landscape Photography Across the Globe (1860–1950) edited by Erin Hyde Nolan and Sophie Junge. London: Routledge, 2023.
  • "Jerboasite: Naming French Radioactive Matter in the Sahara" e-flux Architecture: Half-Life, edited by Nick Axel, Nikolaus Hirsch, Himali Singh Soin, Irene Sunwoo (December 2022).
  • “The Pedagogy of Naming,” in the Journal of Architecture Education no. 76 (2): Pedagogies for a Broken World edited by Jay Cephas, Igor Marjanović and Ana Miljački (2022): 193.
  • "Terra Nucleus: Radiating Desert Lives." The Funambulist: The Desert, no. 44 (Nov-Dec 2022): 60-67.
  • "Fanon on Colonial Space,” in ARCH+ no. 246: Zeitgenössische feministische Raumpraxis edited by Daniela Ortiz dos Santos, Gabrielle Schaad, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Torsten Lange (February 2022): 164–165.
  • “‘Experience’ Rather Than ‘Project:’ Deluz Pedagogy in Post-revolutionary Algiers,” in Radical Pedagogies edited by Beatriz Colomina, Ignacio G. Galan, Evangelos Kotsiori and Anna-Maria Meister. Massachussets: MIT Press, 2022, 176–178.
  • “Against the Regime of Emptiness,” in Deserts Are Not Empty edited by Samia Henni. New York: Columbia Books on Architecture and the City, 2022, 9–22.
  • “The Battle for Internationalization and Independence,” in The Funambulist no. 42: Algerian Independence and Global Revolution 1962–2022 (July-August 2022): 46–53.
  • Nuclear Power: French Radioactive Landscapes in the Sahara” in The Architectural Review no. 1492 (June 2022): 64–69.
  • “On Multivalent Imagemaking: A Conversation between Samia Henni and Jaret Vadera,” Cornell Journal of Architecture no. 12: After edited by Hallie Black, Todd Petrie and Val Walke (March 2022): 262–275.
  • Unlearning” (Part III) with Samia Henni, Lesley Lokko, Victoria Young edited by Peter Christensen, Lawrence Chua, Samia Henni, and Lisa Trivedi. Platform (Match 5, 2022).
  • "Unlearning” (Part II) with Ana María León, Charles Davis II, and Lawrence Chua edited by Peter Christensen, Lawrence Chua, Samia Henni, and Lisa Trivedi. Platform (January 31, 2022).
  • Oil, Gas, Dust: From the Sahara to Europe,” in Coloniality of Infrastructure edited by Kenny Cupers and Nick Axel, e-flux Architecture.
  • “Unlearning” (Part I) with Swati Chattopadhyay, Mabel O. Wilson, and Peter Christensen edited by Peter Christensen, Lawrence Chua, Samia Henni, and Lisa Trivedi. Platform (November 29, 2021).
  • “Forbidding Homelessness: The State and the First Lockdown in Marseille,” in Who’s Next? We Need to Talk About Homelessness, edited Daniel Talesnik and Andres Lepik. Berlin: ArchiTangle, 76–81.
  • “Desertcide: ‘Oil Lakes’ as Archival Violence,” in Space/War, Kuwait Pavilion’s Catalogue curated and edited by Asaiel Al Saeed, Aseel Al Yaqoub, Saphiya Abu Al-Maati, and Yousef Awaad. The 17th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2021, 52–59.
  • “The Ruins of the Present,” in Expansions edited by Hashim Sarkis and Ala Tannir, for
  • How Will We Live Together? Catalogue of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, 2021. Venice: La Biennale di Venezia/Silvana Editoriale, 94–96.
  • Exhibition as a Form of Writing: On Discreet Violence: Architecture and the French War in Algeria,” in PARSE journal: On the Question of Exhibition, edited by Nick Aikens, Kjell Caminha, Jyoti Mistry, and Mick Wilson.